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Spring Summer 2023 by Mezcalero
Presale Campaign

Autor: Westhood .
21 abr 2023

Welcome to the private show

Each season we quote our origins, in every embroidery, in every piece, in every boot.

Everything came together in a place that had once been filled with unimaginable stories, restored to now be the square where time stops and the only thing you can hear is the crash of the floor. Harder that the kick of a horse are the steps of past explorers returning. There is no coincidence on why we are here, walking the line of the people that had come before us. Where you are stepping on, is the path of women and men of simple pleasures, of the real cowboy.

The place

“Plaza de Gallos”, the place of history that reborns on the heart of the city. Built at the beginnig of the 19th century, was the physical space were voices of singers, fighters and soldiers provoked change.


Runway Coverage

The colors, the clothes, the monochrome feel with the space, everything enhancing the strongest element : The boots. By all means, a MEZCALERO piece lies between the atelier and the rodeo, both worlds separated by a thin line, where we walk on. A intriguing game to the senses, were textures and unique silhouette follow a effortless but classic idea wich inspired every look. The common thread between each emsemble was the natural yet fashion forward concept, an idea executed for a house it was just right for.


This is our presale campaign, the first step on the way of the spring summer 2023 collection. 


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